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The UK has over 2 million freelancers, and that number is continuing to rise. Working as a freelancer is becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. With the freedom to work when you want, be your own boss and build a successful business, freelance work offers many attractions. But even freelancers need somewhere to work, and not everyone has the luxury of a home office. To help solve that quandary, we’ve picked out the very best spots and spaces for freelancers to work in Windsor. 
With advances in modern technology, working as freelancer is increasingly popular. If you’re able to run your business online, then you can work from pretty much anywhere, providing you have internet access. But some places are naturally more conducive to working than others. 
One of the downsides of freelance work is that there are no guarantees, particularly during the early days. When you can’t rely on a steady income, you’ll be rightly reluctant to spend money on office space. Establishing yourself in your field takes time, so you’ll want to find somewhere you can work from that doesn’t cost the earth. 
Coffee Shops 
Coffee shops are really popular places for freelancers to work from. If the thought of an everlasting supply of caffeine appeals to you, then a coffee shop could be the perfect choice. 
Working from a coffee shop can be great for freelancers who like to work in a changing environment. Just make sure you choose a coffee shop with good WiFi. These are our recommendations: 
Monty Café– Monty’s opens from 7am during the week, so it’s ideal if you like to make an early start. 
Clairmont Coffee– regulars rave about the coffee here, so if you’re a coffee lover, then this is the place for you. 
Cinnamon Café – located close to Windsor train station, this is the perfect location for those commuting in and out of town. 
Coffee shops are a popular choice with freelance writers and copywriters who rely on a stimulating environment to get the creative juices flowing. 
Collaborative Working Spaces 
Using a coworking space is popular with freelancers such as graphic designers and marketing professionals. The number of coworking spaces available is growing rapidly, with current figures estimating there to be over 18,000 coworking spaces worldwide. A shared working space will give you a professional office address without a huge price tag. It also gives you a space away from home to keep all your paperwork and business correspondence. 
With collaborative working spaces, you get the benefits of an office environment, perfect for those seeking an escape from the solitary environment of working from home. 
Collaborative working spaces also allow you to hold meetings in a professional environment, which is invaluable when you’re meeting potential clients or new customers. 
In the Windsor area, we’re fortunate to have a few options for shared working space: 
Regus is always a popular choice. Their shared offices are situated on Thames Street, with various options available depending on individual requirements. 
Freelancers are often working alone, and the benefits of finding a space to work outside of the home are huge. Depending on which sector you’re in, and how best you work, a coffee shop or a shared office space can be a great environment. If you’re working as a freelancer, then your business would also benefit from one of our business network meetings. Timed to fit in with your busy working day, our meetings give you the perfect opportunity to connect with other businesses in the area. 
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